About us

For more than two decades, ARTCON has been applying its  unique combination of in-  depth expertise and growth with  sustained dedication and  passion 

A global player in the construction and industrial work sector, ARTCON has been constructing residential, hotel,commercial, industrial and administrative buildings. We provide services of the highest quality and use our skills to meet our client’s needs

We are proud to be leaders in our industry while continuously supporting our country’s economic development. Over the years, we have relied consistently on our clear ambition and the strong values that drive each and every one of us. Together, we have shown our resilience and commitment

It is more important than ever to draw on our values of quality, integrity, excellence and ambition in order to seize the opportunities ahead and leverage our expertise in Saudi Arabia and around the globe.

Our group has a wealth of human capital, with diverse personalities united around the common goal of making ARTCON a benchmark for excellence. We are mindful of the contribution made by our teams, and with the launch of our training academy we are determined to make it our common cause

We aim to capitalize on the Group’s assets by bringing together efficiency, competitiveness and perfection

Our Mission

Deliver innovative and sustainable construction projects

Every project in our portfolio has been completed with

:specific goals in mind

 :Construction site safety

We identify existing hazards on our sites as a priority and take appropriate measures, provide tailored training and continuously share relevant information with all our employees to  minimize risk

Quality delivery on time and
:to budget

All our employees are committed to meeting strict standards of quality and effectiveness as well as the schedule and budget specifications of each business line and project. The overriding goal of all our activities is to satisfy customers through quality delivery on time and to budget

:Clear and transparent procedures

To achieve the best result and stamp every project with the ARTCON signature, we apply clear and transparent procedures combine with advanced and controlled management. This ensures that we meet our clients’ expectations and earn their trust

:Our human capital

Since our human resources are our greatest asset, we strive to offer employees optima working conditions in order to help them reach their full potential

Our Subsidiaries

Wood Factory

We specialize in the wood industries with a long experience in manufacturing wood products by selecting the best raw materials to produce high end quality products following current market trends and customers desires

Currently with our well experienced craftsmen
and artisans who have been specially trained in all method of interior manufacturing and wooden door manufacturing, supported by a high-tech engineering department and dedicated management team, ARTCON delivers the best quality on time

Our Subsidiaries

Aluminum Factory

Our scope of works comprises Design, Fabrication and Installation of all types of Aluminum Glazed Doors/ Windows, Curtain Walls, and Skylights

ARTCON strength lies in providing customized solutions at very affordable budgets. The objective of the Company is to complete projects on time every time, to ensure satisfied customers, as well as repeat business

We have a very experienced, professional team of Designers, Estimators, Project Engineers and highly skilled Fabricators and Installation team. We are geared to accept any requirements, small to medium to large, and have the resources and bandwidth to cater to demanding quality and time-bound projects


Government facilities

Malls & complexes

Bridges & Roads




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